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Veterinarians familiar with aquatic animal health can combine  microscopy and drug therapy with knowledge of chemistry, computerized controllers, sterilizers, aquatic animal physiology, fish psychology, and biological control of pests to resolve aquarium issues

that service guys and marine biologists have

no idea how to address. Clients include hobbyists, store owners, aquarium service companies, fish wholesalers, collectors, teachers, and other veterinarians.


 There's less animal life lost, less heartache, and less money down the drain when you work with an aquatic vet.

Aquarists spend more on their aquariums than most dog and cat owners spend on their pets. It's strange that aquarium veterinary services are not more common. Thousands of dollars in losses from an ich outbreak, reef chemistry swing, or koi virus can be avoided by working with someone trained and experienced in preventing or dealing with these issues.




Emergency Consults

Work with an aquarium veterinarian to begin to solve emergency aquarium  issues using facetime, skype, whatsapp, facebook messager , etc. Need for formal working relationship with local veterinarian will follow in most cases.

Microscope Training

In depth personalized training in microscope usage for disease agent identification. Includes where to buy scope and equipment.




Full anesthesia and medication to perform aquatic animal surgery safely and appropriately.


Custom quarantine and treatment protocols designed to save livestock and keep down costs in a way that makes sense to maintenance companies, wholesalers, and aquarium stores.


Local aquarists to South Florida have the option for emergency treatments and visits.

Veterinary Retainer

Continued veterinary access to keep large fish collections or VIP fish healthy.


Identify issues and solutions using aquarist, aquaculture, and veterinary skills applied synergistically.


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