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I'm Dr. Charlie and I've been keeping fish and coral

for 40 years. I became a veterinarian to help save the ocean through aquarium science.


I work with hobbyists, pond owners, public aquariums, pet stores, aquarium service companies, fish wholesalers, collectors, teachers, and other veterinarians.

You can call or "quick text" for emergencies or schedule an appointment here.

Aquaveterinarian offers a variety of personal guides full of perspectives and opinions I have accumulated from years of communicating with people about aquariums. My hope is to educate in simple terms but to a high level. I want it to be easy to understand complex aquarium science concepts.  Please give me feedback on what I should add or clarify if you'd like to see or understand something better.

Clients and students have access to veterinary patient client relationship (VCPR) material including medical procedures and drug doses

Coral emergency help with coral medicine
Aquarium emergency help from an aquatic veterinarian
aquarium microscope training and diagnostics
Aquarium diagnostics and training
aquarist veterinary support


With my help, we can use microscopic examination and drug therapy to solve problems regular aquarium experts usually cannot accomodate.


 I can help you with advanced chemistry, computerized controllers, sterilizers, and automation.


I like to use aquatic animal physiology, fish psychology, and biological control to make your life and your animals lives less stressful, easier, and better.


Emergency Consults

Call me to solve emergency aquarium  issues: Text/email  then Phone or video chat

*Need for formal working relationship with local veterinarian will follow in some cases needing medications or microscopy.

Microscope Training

In depth personalized training in microscope usage for disease agent identification. Includes where to buy scope and equipment.

Quarantine Protocols

Custom quarantine and treatment protocols designed to save livestock and keep down costs for maintenance companies, wholesalers, and aquarium stores.


Aquariums and Ponds

Local South Florida have the option for aquarium and pond emergency or scheduled diagnostics and treatments with ongoing local long term hands on training and support.

Reef Tank Expert Training

Visit to direct livestock selection, quarantine and placement. Lights, flow, filtration, automation, and anything else to make your reef awesome.

Florida Commercial Support

Labs and aquaculture facilities needing vet support including USDA transport, transfer, or out-planting certificates.


How can I help you and your fish?
      Fill out the form, quick text, or call me at

Thank you! I'll get back to you ASAP. If you don't hear from me soon and it's an emergency, you can try to call me at: (305)-209-0679

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