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Aquarium Help from a Professional Aquarist Veterinarian.


The following guides are general advice based on my aquarist, aquaculture, and veterinary aquarium experiences. The goal is to help aquarists avoid mistakes, manage problems, and keep animals healthy. I give this general information freely with the caveat that it is general advice and I am in no way liable for it's application or misuse. This information is free to use and re-post but I'd appreciate credit. 


I'm  a life long aquarium keeper. I currently have 2 reef aquariums. Through college, grad school, and veterinary school I had internships at Seaworld, Georgia aquarium, Texas State Aquarium, New England Aquarium, Miami Seaquarium, and Waikiki Aquarium. I've run a service company, aquarium store, and currently I work for a coral growing non-profit marine bio education facility which I co-founded. I have a separate aquarium veterinary consult business with clients as far as the Middle East and Australia. I want people to succeed at keeping aquariums because I feel they can inspire people to learn about and appreciate the ocean which leads to stewardship. Aquariums can also be used for research. Ultimately aquariums may be used to keep endangered species for conservation and we might all be able help restoration efforts.

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